When you turn your tools over to a company for sharpening, you're handing over your business..........Industrial Sharpening Services assures competitive pricing and precision. We have found that customers who are interested in top-quality sharpening, fair pricing and quick turnaround do not mind shipping their tooling to us for professional sharpening. We have the resources to service and maintain your tools to optimum standards. Industrial Sharpening Services offers their clients an added bonus by providing a free pickup and delivery service.

We service and sharpen all blades, woodcutters, diamond grinding, tungsten tools, metal cutting knives, guillotine knives and garden tools onsite for builders, printers, renovators, cabinet makers, architectural mill shops and hobbyists. Conditioning, re-tipping, grinding, sharpening and finishing of all tooling and equipment.

If you're a large contractor or an amateur home woodworker, you can be sure that when you choose Industrial Sharpening your tools will be taken care of. In addition to the quality care we give your tools, we offer a tool replacement service.

High quality customized blades are also manufactured, this is done according to customer specifications.

We believe sharpening with high quality blade sharpening equipment means better results.

We spoil our clients, so when they fire us they miss us!